We can save your older style Cement stucco in a variety of ways from. Color matching and repairing your existing stucco, Dying or fog coating to bring the color back to its original color. We can even paint your stucco to a new color of your choice. No project to small and every client matters.


Acrylic stucco has a variety of applications and can be repaired in a variety of ways from acrylic coated sand and cement to Styrofoam covered by cement with an acrylic stucco topcoat. With our knowledge and experience let us give you the best solution for your stucco repair needs.


Instead of removing your old stucco it can be treated in many different ways to bring it back to life. From recoloring, dying, and recoating we can help you find the process that will best meet your needs.

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SSC will help you manage your budget by offering you a variety of services to tailor meet your home design and budget. Bring us your other quotes and we will try and match or beat the price of your stucco repair quotes!!! Feel free to contact us by phone or email us from our contact section. We will help you design your exterior, pick colors, and accents from various materials beyond stucco. You can also look at our contractors page for some of the other great people we deal with.

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